How Document Management Improves Collaboration

September 06, 2018 | Advanced Office

Businesses of every size deal with a considerable amount of document management. Every company has paperwork that is moved either within the company or outsourced to customers as products, advertisements, or forms. Even though document management is found within every business, most businesses do not perform document management well.

For the modern business, however, there are incredible tools available to increase collaboration and do work more efficiently.

Four Ways Document Management Improves Collaboration

1) Distribute Documents Effectively

Modern document management practices include creating digital forms of documents that businesses use. This saves time, energy, and money as less is spent on physical documents.

For example, it’s January, and you have decided to make some changes to your employee handbook. Instead of spending all the time and money it costs to print the new edition of the manual, an email could be sent to employees with a digital copy of the latest updates.

When important documents are made available through digital formats, workflows will move with ease, and costs will be cut.

2) Immediate Notifications and Accountability

Sometimes a meeting ends, and everyone leaves with a particular agenda-- but then something changes. Now you scramble to reprint resources and update employees on the correct information.

When modern document management systems are in place, employees can be notified immediately after a change has been made to a shared document. This provides easy access for editing and keeps employees accountable to the information on important documents. Changes are tracked so if something goes amiss, one can easily backtrack to see which change went wrong.

3) Digital Signatures Via Parallel Workflows

A useful modern document solution for businesses is the ability to sign a document electronically. This is a quick, safe way to distribute a document to the employees that need signatures for approval.

4) Central Storage

It is essential that employees are not given access to other employees’ inboxes and files. But employees in different departments might need information that was received by another department; requesting information and access can be lengthy and frustrating.

A central storage network can allow employees access to the information they need without having to jump through the hoops of requesting and waiting for access.

To learn more ways that modern document management can increase your employees’ collaboration, contact Advanced Office today!