How Can Managed Print Services Help the Healthcare Industry?

November 10, 2020 | Advanced Office

If you're in the healthcare industry, you know how important it is to keep your data private. There are many laws and regulations about keeping patient data private and making sure that it is safe from a data breach. Part of the security of your documents is the act of printing them out with an appropriate level of security. 

Security and Printers

With how many documents are printed out by your company, the security of your printers should be of the utmost importance. Often, companies concentrate their security measures on the computer network and neglect the security of the printers. However, printers are a very important security point. Printers that are older have fewer safety features than the newer models. It then makes sense to upgrade older printers with new ones to make sure you're getting the best security possible for your patient data. Managed print services evaluate each printer for security and let you know when one should be replaced. 

Too Much Printing

If there is too much printing going on in your office, it's likely that you would never know without managed print services to tally the numbers. With some supervision and oversight over who is printing and what they are printing, you can get rid of inappropriate printing by anyone who wants to steal data. It also gets workers to think twice about printing and whether it's really necessary. This helps to bring down the cost of printing for your company. Money saved on printing can be better directed to another aspect of the business. 

Fewer Repairs 

When you have managed print services, there are maintenance sessions scheduled for your entire printer fleet. This allows the technicians to tell that something is wrong with a machine and to correct the problem before the printer needs expensive repairs. With regular maintenance, printers can also last longer and stay in better condition. With a fleet of printers that don't need expensive repairs, your maintenance costs for your printers will go down. 

If your healthcare company is interested in getting managed print services, contact us today to find out more and to get started.