Growing the Pharmaceutical Industry with Managed Print Services

July 08, 2020 | Advanced Office

The pharmaceutical industry is a busy and vital one that can always use improvements on-site in order to lighten the load on pharmacists and other workers. Managed print services come with a lot of benefits for businesses in the industry. Here are three of the benefits that will be quickly experienced once you have started managed print.

Cutting Costs and Waste

The monitoring that comes with managed print services holds everyone accountable for how much they print. This averages a significant lowering in print numbers across all companies who engage in managed print. With the unnecessary printing cut out, printing costs lower. And, great for eco-friendly businesses, it reduces the waste from the office as well as from those printing remotely from the field. Pharmacists and pharmaceutical sales reps alike can often print less to save money by reducing the cost of paper and ink.

Information Security

The data that pharmacies have is always the target of cybercriminals. Keeping that data as safe as possible is the only way to prevent data breaches. Managed print services come with upgraded security for documents, making data theft and fraud less likely. Better security is always welcome for pharmacists, as the retail environment is always a busy one in which workers can become overwhelmed by the workload. Better security means it is harder for overwhelmed personnel to be the accidental source of stolen information. It also means better compliance with HIPAA. 

Better Customer Service

In fast-paced pharmaceutical environments, it's always a good idea to take care of things that pharmacists shouldn't have to spend time on in order to allow them better efficiency. With managed print, pharmacists aren't trying to fix a printer in the middle of a busy workday. They don't have to remember to order paper or ink. They don't have to perform printer maintenance or shop around to find a good dealer for toner. Instead, they can take care of customers, allowing for a better experience from the customers who need their medications and guidance.

If your business is ready for better security, better costs, and better customer service, contact us now about getting starting with managed print services.