Going Green With Document Management

April 28, 2020 | Advanced Office

The old way of managing documents has started to outlive its usefulness. Today, companies look for ways to be leaner and more efficient,  and they want to be as green as possible. With digital document management, you can make your company all three of these things.

Paper Usage

One of the most obvious ways that digital document management makes a company more green is by saving paper from being used. When documents are digital and are filed digitally, there is no need for as much paper. Even if your company recycles, there are paper types that are hard to recycle. And, recycling old paper requires using more energy. When you don't have printouts of everything, there is no more energy needed to create new paper or to break down the old and make it new again.

Heat Generation

When a printer or copier is used, it must generate heat in order to be effective. Some models generate more heat than others, but all of them do generate it. When this occurs, the air-conditioning must be used to offset the heat created by the office machine. With digital document management, you can say goodbye to this cycle. Using the printer only occassionally for few items adds a negligible amount of heat to the office. Going all digital, or even mostly digital, saves the energy that would be used by the printer as well as the energy it would take to cool the area back down.

Saving Ink and Toner

Using digital document management can save an enormous amount of both ink and toner, depending on what type of printers you have in the office. Both ink and toner are wasteful commodities now that virtually anything can be created digitally. Bottles and cartridges no longer have to take up an enormous amount of space in landfills when they aren't being used as often. 

When you want your company to be more green, contact us today to help you get started with a better document management system. We can help you use less energy, less paper and less ink.