Go Green With Square 9 Document Management Software

December 05, 2017 | Advanced Office

Waste is bad for business—it costs money and doesn't do much for your company's reputation, either. Going green with Square 9 document management software can stop the madness. Here's how.

1. Ditch the paper.

More and more companies are beginning to see how paper-based processes are holding them back. Square 9 document management software can give your team the tools they need to implement digital processes and stop depending on paper. Check out these attractive advantages:

  • Green practices are cheaper—fewer paper documents means you'll save big on paper, ink, and equipment needs.
  • Your customers will notice your efforts.
  • Digital processes naturally improve productivity, saving your company time and money.

2. Start small and then go big—really big.

Square 9 document management software may be your organization's first step toward bigger, better green initiatives. By doing everything you can to replace paper with digital processes, you can afford to take a serious look at other green projects. Maybe that solar roof you've been dreaming about isn't so far away after all.

3. Reduce your office space requirements.

Keeping paper filing systems warm in the winter and cool in the summer is a waste of your hard-earned resources. By using Square 9 document management software, you can reduce or eliminate your paper storage requirements. Here are a few of the green advantages:

  • Less space naturally means less energy consumed and less money spent on heating and cooling costs.
  • With fewer space requirements, you may be able to put off your need to expand your office. You'll save money and use fewer of the planet's resources by putting off expansion plans.
  • Get more from the space you have by kicking out paper and giving your employees room for collaboration, innovation, and growth.

Going green is an exciting way for your business to reduce costs and help the environment at the same time. Contact us at Advanced Office to learn how to go green with Square 9 document management software today!