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February 23, 2021 | Advanced Office

When your office is disorganized, it may not be immediately apparent. There may be a number of things that your office is in the habit of doing that are wasting office time. Getting a good document management system can help with this problem. It can get things organized far better than before so that an enormous amount of time is reclaimed. 

Retrieving Documents

One of the biggest time wasters in offices that don't have a digital document management system is retrieving documents. When documents are in paper files, they have to be stored somewhere. Often, there is an entire room dedicated to this. When a customer needs a form or someone in the office needs to see an account, there is a lengthy process of finding that file. Even if everything is very well filed, this still takes time that is unnecessary in today's world. Having a digital document management system means never having to do this again and retrieving every document in seconds right from the employee's workstation. 

Filing Papers

Filing is another thing that can bog downtime in the office. Filing isn't always as straightforward as it seems, and mistakes can and do get made. When something is misfiled, it may be close to impossible to find it again. Retrieving misfiled items can be frustrating for employees and even more frustrating to the customers who have to wait for their file to be found. That's in addition to the time spent on the clerical work that it takes to maintain those files and make sure all papers are filed every day. With a better document management system, those files can be filed with just a few keystrokes. And, since they are searchable, there is no way to have them lost in the system. If they are misfiled, simply searching by a keyword can bring up the file you need. 

Creating New Files

There are always new files being created by necessity. These files all have to be taken care of, and they add to the papers in the filing cabinets. Creating new files usually requires printing multiple pages and trying to keep them all together. When you have a digital system, you can create new files right there in the system. There is no need to use a printer in most cases. The file is created in the system and is stored there with a filing system that you come up with for the office. Then, it can be retrieved from this same system easily. 

Saving Space

When you have a good document management system, there is no longer a need for rooms of files. You get that space back. This can help you to stay in the same office even if your company expands, saving an enormous amount of money. It also limits the disruption needed to move offices. All of the extra space can also mean getting rid of rented storage space and/or allowing employees to spread out. 

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