Get More From Your Workday With Ricoh Print&Share

June 11, 2017 | Advanced Office

If your organization has been searching for an intelligent virtual print driver, look no further than your local Ricoh dealer. If you're tired of dealing with print driver hassles, read on to learn more.

Why Try Ricoh Print&Share?

Ricoh Print&Share delivers printing, communication, archiving, customization, and workflow solutions to help you get more from your workday.

Here's a rundown of the benefits your company can expect after an informative visit with your Ricoh dealer.

1. Enhanced Print Features

Want to split up a print job? Print&Share can handle it and even allocate to different source trays based on your requirements.

2. Unify Your Communications

Want to convert your printed document to an email? Print&Share makes it easy by converting the print job to a PDF or image and attaching it to the body of your email. Print&Share can automatically supply the email address based on the content of your print job.

3. Improved Archiving & Workflows

Archive to existing platforms or network folders. Print to workflows and route documents directly to your Document Management System.

4. Customize Your Documents

Print&Share includes the Get More Editor, allowing users to easily add text, page numbers, logos, watermarks, barcodes, and more.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

There are plenty of reasons to give Ricoh Print&Share a try, but perhaps the most important is its value as a green office solution.

  • Print fewer sheets with features that eliminate unnecessary pages.
  • Reduce paper and toner usage by removing unwanted content like disclaimers and email signatures.
  • Use less paper with White Space Merging, a feature that combines content into one page by reducing unnecessary white space.

To learn more about Ricoh Print&Share, contact Advanced Office, your trusted Ricoh dealer serving customers in the Southern California area for over 40 years.