Everything You Need to Know About Managed Print in the School System

February 02, 2020 | Advanced Office

The printers in many schools never run silent. There is so much printing to be done by every sector of the school that the costs often become one of the most substantial non-fixed expenses within school districts. However, managed print services are a great way to bring those costs down to a more manageable level. 

Finding Out the Volume

When manages print services are put into place, they create a lot of helpful analytics about the printing that is going on. These numbers will show you which printers are being used, which staff members are using them, and just how much they're using them. Though teachers and department heads need to print often, there may also be unnecessary printing going on. The tallies you receive can be used to pinpoint suspected unnecessary printing so that it can be stopped, lowering printing costs overall.

Weeding Out Bad Machines

School district budgets can be tricky, and they have to cover a lot. Often, buying a brand new office machine is difficult to do within the budget. However, old machines may be costing the district more than you think. Older machines are not only slower and worse at their tasks, but they also require more power to print. They also generate more heat than newer models. When managed print services weeds these out, staff members will have to use the newer machines instead, saving time and money for the school system.

Creating a Steadier Cost

Instead of the system's printing costs varying each month wildly, managed print services put in place a system that has far more predictable costs. This can help enormously with the monthly and yearly budgets. The fixed fee and scheduled maintenance appointments give you a steady price, and lowered printing volumes can help to stabilize the cost of ink and other supplies. A more predictable monthly fee means that different parts of the budget don't have to be lowered because of unexpected printing costs.

Less Waste

School systems that implement managed print services can expect to have less paper waste. This allows for a greener workplace, and that sets a better example for the students as well as for the staff members. Less printing, and less unnecessary printing, in particular, lowers supply costs and creates less trash.

Change Workflows

The monitoring of your district's printer fleet includes the monitoring of workflows. When these can be simplified, your staff can be made more productive. The help with these workflows can be a helpful push toward a more efficient workplace.

If your school system needs cost-cutting, managed print services can help. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for your school system and its print budget. With the correct assessment and monitoring, your system may be able to rid itself of expensive waste for a tighter, more effective budget.