ENX Magazine Recognizes Advanced Office Difference Makers

August 31, 2021 | Kyle Kopp

The last 18 months have tried and tested all boundaries of our society, both personal and professional.  Working arraignments we never thought viable a few years ago have become normalized and successful.  Activities and interactions we relied on daily and weekly became foreign and exotic; faded memories of a world gone by.  But for all of the strain and trial, the challenges and struggles, we've also seen shining examples of triumph and fortitude.  We've seen healthcare workers battle day in and day out to save lives and reunite families.  City workers and first responders burn through the night to keep others safe and well.  We've seen teachers work tirelessly to adapt to new technology so that the children looking up to them do not fall behind while at home.  

For us at Advance Office, we've also stood in awe at the resilience of our team members, some working from home and adapting to isolation, others still coming into the office, distanced and masked to make sure the customers that needed us never experienced a drop in their own productive efforts.  And while we are proud of every one of our employees, we do want to take a moment and celebrate three of our team members who were recently recognized by ENX Magazine as 2021 Difference Maker in the Office Equipment Universe.

Jay Bartlett - our IT Solutions Manager, Laura Real - our Director of Human Resources, and David Garcia - our Inventory and Logistic Manager, were all included in this national listing of honorees for their incredible efforts over the past year to push their organizations through trying times and find success in the darkest of hours.  We hope you take a moment to read their stories, as well as the other honorees, and join us in congratulating them on this recognition and thanking them for the exceptional performances put forward.

You can read more about this award and their stories here.  



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