Ensuring Copier Data Security

printer security

Chances are, you have taken plenty of critical security measures to protect your business’ information and data. What you might not have considered is the data breach risks associated with the copiers in your office and the security required to protect them. With multifunction copiers being as advanced and sophisticated as they are, the information that passes through your copier has a higher risk of being breached than ever before. The multifunction copier in your office is a storehouse of data that is connected to networks and devices, protecting this device is a must.

Here are a couple of effective security practices for your multifunction copier:

Educate Your Staff

Many employees might not be aware of the security risks that come with using a multifunction copier. Be sure to educate your staff on the information that is stored through your copier and the degree of risk at the event of a breach or through device theft. Limit the amount of sensitive data stored on your copier and periodically check the device’s storage to ensure data is not left on the machine. Secure your office printer the same way you would a server or computer.

Know a Device’s Security Features

Most modern copiers will come stocked with useful security features. Take the time to understand the security capabilities your copier has and be sure to learn how to use them. These features will save your business from a disaster and will give you peace of mind that your copier is safe and secure. When the day comes to sell or dispose of your copier, be sure to remove all data from the copier before sending it off. Many companies can assist you in eliminating data, saving you time and the headache of making sure all data is cleared.

Are you ready to secure your copier from the threat of a breach? Contact Advanced Office today to take the next steps in protecting your business’ data and information!