Don't Get Scammed By A Toner Pirate!

January 22, 2020 | Advanced Office

As you sail the seven seas of business, there are always sharks and pirates out there. Toner may not sound like something that a pirate would be interested in, but there are a variety of scammers who use toner sales to make large sums without delivering on what they promised. Here are a few of the scams to watch out for.

Fake Toner

If you buy toner, the chances are that you don't open the package immediately to check whether it is, in fact, toner. And, toner pirates know this. Some scammers sell toner that isn't what they say it is. Putting some faked concoction into your printer or copier can cause untold damage, and it may ruin the machine completely. Staying with a well-known, reputable toner seller can help you to avoid this catastrophe.

A Change in Quality

Perhaps more common is the sale of a high-end, name-brand toner that the buyer later finds out has been faked. Putting a generic, low-grade toner into higher-grade packaging allows toner pirates to charge much more for the toner when it isn't worth much. This will affect the quality of your printed pages, and it could lead to problems with the machine as well. No company wants to pay top-dollar for toner only to have their resulting documents look terrible from the cheap toner.

Never Getting Toner

Buying toner from a salesperson over the phone can put your company at risk if the seller isn't a trusted one. Collecting money for toner and then simply never sending it is an old scam that any business can fall prey to. If you are offered an amazing deal for toner or other business supplies, don't be surprised if that price turns out to be too good to be true. Outlaying money for toner and then having to rush out to buy it anyway impedes your company's budget and productivity. 

If your business needs toner regularly, be sure that you get what you pay for. Contact us to get the toner you're looking for.