Document Management for Legal Departments

May 26, 2021 | Advanced Office

Legal departments have perhaps one of the most important jobs in the business world. Like loyal defenders, they protect companies from expensive mistakes and handle sensitive tasks, information, and responsibilities on a day-by-day basis. That's a lot for any single department to juggle--but with a bit of help from document management, legal experts of all kinds can breathe a sigh of relief.

Making Life Easier

Although there are many tools available to legal departments, there may be none quite as promising as document management. The beauty of document management is that it's simple, meaning that legal teams won't be slowed down or stressed out by a host of new tasks and responsibilities. Instead, document management fits neatly into existing workflows, minimizing the learning curve and creating tangible benefits from the very first day. The best part, though, is that document management makes life easier for the entire legal department--which, in turn, makes life easier for the company at large.

How it Works

Let's take a look at how document management works and why it's such a good fit for legal departments!

Security and Compliance

Because document management is designed to limit human error and create easy ways to stay compliant, it naturally comes with a long list of security tools for legal teams, including:

  • easy, efficient archive management;
  • simple version control;
  • password protection;
  • user tracking;
  • access control;
  • and more.

These tools make security stress-free and straightforward, allowing legal teams to rest easy knowing that their processes are compliant, their information is secure, and clients and coworkers alike can always count on them.


Legal departments have a lot of work to do when it comes to communication. Documents need to be securely shared and edited, often between multiple team members or other departments, but they can't be slowed down by inefficient processes. Luckily, document management makes it easier to store, share, and collaborate on files both online and off, all while providing the flexibility necessary to keep legal departments afloat in an uncertain world.


One of the best things about document management is its adaptability, meaning that, no matter how a legal department wants to organize their files, document management has a fitting solution. For example, files in a document management system can be tagged and organized by:

  • filename,
  • date,
  • keyword,
  • images,
  • descriptions,
  • notes,
  • customized flags,
  • and more.

This allows legal teams to move confidently from one task to the next, knowing they will be able to retrieve and utilize documents of all kinds.


As companies grow, so do their legal needs--and, luckily, so does document management. By providing solutions that can be scaled to meet a company's unique needs and making workflows strong enough to adapt to change rather than be shaken by it, document management helps legal teams grow with confidence. What's even better is that document management is no "background solution;" instead, it can be utilized to actively shape and direct growth, helping companies shape their futures instead of being shaped by the future.

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