Do You Need Document Management?

November 23, 2020 | Advanced Office

If your business has a lot of documents, it needs a modern document management system. Today's choice is a digital management system that will keep everything far better organized. 

Security Risk

There is an enormous number of drawbacks to keeping all or most of your documents in paper form. One big reason that so many people are going to digital systems is that paper documents represent a major security risk. Papers are left around the office and can be seen by just about anyone. They can also be stolen from their filing cabinet and used for nefarious purposes. If your company works hard at data privacy compliance, all of that can be undone by someone wanting to get their hands on a piece of paper in the office. A digital system includes password protection that you can set up to let only certain people in to see specific documents This allows only those who have business seeing certain data to access it for a safer way of filing. 

Organizing Files

When files are in paper form, they are far harder to organize. There may even be a staff member whose main job is to organize files and retrieve them when they're needed. Often times, much of the clerical work to be done in an office centered on taking care of paper files. With a digital document management system, none of this is necessary. The documents are easy to organize in the system. With just a couple of clicks, a document can be filed away in a place where it will be easily found later when you're looking for it. 

Saving Time

With so much involved in dealing with paper documents and files, you can save an enormous amount of office time getting rid of all of that. With the extra time given back to workers, they can work on more important things in the office than filing papers and looking for them later. This is especially helpful when a customer or client needs a certain document. The longer you take to find it, the angrier that person will be. Offering better customer service these days includes digital filing of all documents so they can be found again in seconds. 

No More Lost Documents

With paper filing, it's very easy to place a piece of paper in the wrong area by mistake. It happens often, but the results of it can be bad for your business. If a client has to hear that their file has been lost, they may no longer be a customer of yours. With digital filing, even if someone misfiles a document, it can be easily found through a keyword search. Never losing another document is incentive enough for companies to start with a better document management system. 

If your company is in need of a digital document management system, give us a call today to find out more about what we can do for your business. We can walk you through all aspects of this service and answer all of your questions.