Did You Know That Managed Print Services Can Boost Your Security?

March 05, 2020 | Advanced Office

Every company worries about its cybersecurity, but not every business knows how to combat malware and data breaches. The use of managed print services can help to boost the security of your company's computer network.

Fleet Updates

In many printer fleets, there are old machines that simply don't work as well as newer printer designs. This is especially true of companies that have long been in business. One of the ways that managed print services can boost your company's security level is to weed out those old machines. The older machines can be replaced by newer ones that have far better security features, or they can simply be removed in favor of the more modern machines in the office being used. Older devices may not encrypt their data streams, while newer models use end-to-end encryption to keep the data inside those streams safe from a breach.

Locking Down the Trays

One of the newer features for printers are locking trays. This, along with a high degree of connectivity, allows an employee to print and then hold those pages inside the machine until the worker has time to go and get them. This keeps printed documents safe from anyone who might see them. It also means that printouts won't be lost, accidentally picked up by someone else, or simply fall somewhere around the printer only to be thrown away. This security measure is especially important for privacy and security compliance.

Monitored Printing

Are there people in your office who are printing things they shouldn't be printing? If you don't have managed print services, there may be no way to tell. With this monitoring, however, you will know exactly who is printing and how much they are printing. Each employee who uses the printer will have a tally, so those who don't need to print often can be stopped before they print items they aren't supposed to. Many private documents are best kept in the computer network rather than put in the open on paper that anyone can see and reprint.

Slowing Down Printing

Printing costs can quickly get out of control when everyone is printing all the time. However, all of that printing also makes it easier for anyone in the office to take a document and leave with it or photograph it. This is a serious security threat for the company as a whole. Monitored printing discourages frivolous use of the printers so that only the highly important documents that need to be printed are ever printed out. This cuts down on confusion and the possibility of data theft from inside the office.

If your company could use better cybersecurity, contact us today about our managed print services and find out how they can help your business. With a more secure printer fleet and more control over the printing that is done in the office, your company will be exposed to fewer cyber threats.