The Big 3 of Managed Print

December 15, 2020 | Advanced Office

There's so much to know about managed print that you may not believe the whole solution can be summed up in three basic priorities. However, the truth is that, since managed print starts with your printers but goes a whole lot further, its benefits can be summed up pretty neatly.

For example, let's say managed print helps you analyze your use of supplies so that you always know how much to order. Having this kind of information is great for efficiency, but it's also good for security since you won't fall victim to toner scams or other attempts to hijack your supply routine. There are two of the "big three" right there--security and efficiency.

Here are the big three of managed print!


Security is a priority among almost all managed print solutions for one simple reason: printers are surprisingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Businesses that don't realize this can quickly fall prey to digital criminals. That's why security is one of the "big three" things to know about managed print: because it will be part of every tool, fix, and change you implement, creating a holistic approach to protecting your data.


Efficiency is a huge part of managed print. Whether it's an inefficient device in your fleet, a few extra steps in your workflow, or a weakness in your communication habits, managed print will find it and solve it--all with the tools of your choice.


The final thing to know about managed print is that it's a long-term solution. Managed print will grow with you and your business, creating solutions you can rely on even as your needs and the business landscape are constantly changing. You won't have to worry about keeping up with the latest trends or ending up with outdated tools; managed print helps you stay fast, lean, and ready for anything.

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