Best Business Tip Ever: Managed Print Services

September 08, 2020 | Advanced Office

If you have ever wondered why your company's print costs keep rising, there may be a number of reasons. All of those reasons can be alleviated with the introduction of managed print services to your office. 

Tallying the Print Amounts

How much are your workers actually printing? Without a tally for each one of them, there is no way to know. They may be printing to excess, and they probably are. It isn't uncommon to print personal items at work as well, as it saves employees on ink and paper. All of this can lead up to a higher print cost than is really needed for your office. With managed print services, each worker is accountable for how much he or she prints. This pushes workers to stop unnecessary printing, as they will be unable to justify all the printing they do. As your workers print less, your costs go down.

Printer Fleet Assessment

How many of the printers in your fleet are in good working order? Does anyone in your office know the answer to this question? Often, the bad printers are just avoided as the best printers are fought over by multiple people who need to use them. This scenario can be completely avoided with a fleet assessment when you first get manage print services. The assessment points out printers that aren't working well or that are old enough to use significantly more power than newer printers do. This can save your company money by removing the bad printers that are using power but rarely being used. And if you replace them with newer printers, your entire fleet will be quicker and more energy-efficient.

Getting Supplies in Stock

Has your company ever had a printer that was out of paper or ink and stayed out of commission for a while? This is a common occurrence in most offices once in a while. The printers that run dry often stay that way until someone figures out who to call or where to go to get the specific ink type that works in that machine. This downtime means there is a backup at the other printers, and it's frustrating to employees. With managed print services, your company can have printers ready all the time instead of having them run out for supplies. And, you don't have to worry about the wrong thing being ordered for your printers. Instead, your managed print provider will take care of the ordering and make sure that you have what you need when you need it. 

Getting Managed Print Services

If you are interested in all of the benefits of managed print services, call us today to find out more about it. We can tell you just how the many services included can help your business to function better and pay less for printing. It can help employee morale as each printer will work well and there will be no downtime for your machines. Managed print services affect everyone in the office in a positive way.