Are You Ready for Production Printing?

January 21, 2018 | Advanced Office

If you've ever wondered about the feasibility of an on-site production printing solution, you've come to the right place. Read on to discover why it may be time for a production printing for your organization.

You're using your multifunction system as a production printing solution.

Your multifunction system can produce high-quality prints and copies, but tying it up for several hours each day is probably not popular with the rest of your team. Ideally, a production printing solution is a better choice; you have more finishing and paper stock options, and you won't need to babysit the paper tray.

You're purchasing more—or fewer—documents than you need.

An in-house production printing solution eliminates the waste that sometimes occurs with outsourced printing. Here are a few examples of problems that could be easily avoided with an on-site solution.

  • You often order more documents than you need just to qualify for the quantity discount.
  • Short-runs are too expensive to justify after copy shop set-up and low-volume fees.
  • An error spotted after a bulk printing job means you've wasted your money. Again.
  • The colors on a completed print job don't match your brand.

Your deadlines are inconvenient for the local shop.

Or maybe it's just that their deadlines are inconvenient for you. Either way, an in-house production printing solution means your team can stop working around the constraints of outsourcing. Work after hours, early in the morning, or even around the clock to get your projects done on time and your schedule, not theirs.

You're concerned about security.

When it comes to confidential documents, the fewer the points of contact, the better. Keep your confidential documents within the confines of your offices and your network with in-house production printing equipment.

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