Analyze Your Paper Waste with Managed Print

October 27, 2019 | Advanced Office

The amount of waste that an office produces affects more than just the business itself. It has an effect on the environment as a whole, particularly in the area where you do business. Many companies are trying to find ways to lower their amount of waste in order to run a greener company.

Printer Monitoring

If your office has more waste than you'd like, it may stem from simply having too many papers in the office. Many of these are likely not necessary. With managed print services, the monitoring of each printer and when it is being used is a part of the system. The number of pages being printed may be surprising. In many cases, documents don't even have to be printed at all. Once you can see all of the printing statistics, it will be easier to see where some of the cuts can be made that will save your company money as well as eliminating waste.

The Right Paper

When paper is purchased and stocked by a company, it is often discovered over time that one of the paper types doesn't work as well as others, and it, therefore, gets little use. Having boxes of paper that no one wants is a common sight, but it doesn't have to be. By purchasing only the right paper for your copiers and printers, and only when it is needed, your company won't have to tie up capital in boxes of unwanted paper. Often it is the cheaper paper types that end up being too thin to print well or with the wrong finish for easy reading. Managed print services can take care of the ordering to ensure that useful paper is made available for your printers.

Printing Types

When you see the numbers from printer monitoring, you will also see the specific employees who are printing and how much they are doing so. Part of managed print services is seeing this helpful data so that you can find out why the heavy users of the printers need to print so much. It may be that you can encourage them to print less or to print on both sides of the paper instead of only on one side. This will lower your paper waste immediately, creating a more eco-friendly workplace.

If you are ready for managed print services to help your office to waste less paper, contact us today about managed print services and find out what we can do for your business.