5 Solutions to Print Security Threats

October 17, 2017 | Advanced Office

Business leaders know it's in their best interest to pay close attention to security issues. Ransomware, phishing schemes, malware, hackers and other threats keep IT professionals busy around the clock.

But for some companies, the threat is a lot closer to home.

Print Security 101

Most of us don't give a second thought to our print environment, especially when it comes to security. The truth is, security issues associated with print environments are on the rise.

Fortunately, there are steps your organization can take to make sure your print infrastructure is protected—and your information and network are safe, too. Here's where to start.

1. Data Encryption

Data flows to and from your multifunction printers all day long. Hackers recognize this and hope your data is free from encryption. Make sure they're wrong and encrypt all files shared on your network.

2. Pull Printing

From HR documents to private health information, documents left lying in print trays are a serious problem. Pull printing requires users to authenticate before documents can be released to print trays. Security features like passwords, ID cards, and even biometrics ensure that users must be present at the device before a document prints.

3. Hard Drive Security

Most multifunction systems retain a copy of scanned documents. Be sure to use an overwrite function and exercise diligence whenever your device leaves your location for service or during an end-of-lease situation.

4. Print Tracking

Do you know who's using your imaging equipment? Do you know what's being printed? A print policy that includes tracking and rules can keep unauthorized users from accessing your devices.

5. Audit Trails

A document management solution that includes security features (audit trails, user authentication, access management, etc.) can prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing your scanned documents.

Print security is an issue facing businesses of all types and sizes. Contact us at Advanced Office to learn more about protecting your sensitive data today!