5 Reasons to Contact Your Ricoh Dealer About Leasing Today!

February 13, 2018 | Advanced Office

Leasing new technology from your Ricoh dealer could be one of the best business moves your organization makes this year. If you're on the fence about leasing copiers, your next multifunction system or laser printer, check out this short and fast list of can't-miss advantages.

1. Leasing doesn't tie up your capital.

You need a new multifunction system to keep pace with your daily business requirements, but it's not a good time to sink a lot of capital into a purchase. Fortunately, leasing doesn't require a major upfront investment. You'll have the equipment you need but still have access to operating capital and credit lines.

2. You'll know what to expect.

A lease can be negotiated to include maintenance, supplies, support, installation, and training for a cost that's spread out over the length of the lease. Consistent monthly payments with no unexpected costs make it easier to plan your yearly budget.

3. You won't need to wait for the latest technologies.

Leasing gives your company access to the latest technologies without waiting until your budget can absorb the full cost. Upgrading is easier with a lease, too. With the right lease agreement, your organization can upgrade to new equipment as soon as it's available.

4. Tax-time benefits.

When structured correctly, most lease payments qualify as tax-deductible expenses. An equipment purchase may involve lengthy depreciation over several years, but lease payments are often fully deductible for the current tax year.

5. Assistance is always available.

Fortunately, you don't have to navigate your technology needs alone. Your Ricoh dealer can help you find the perfect technology for your needs and a lease agreement that works for your budget.

It's easy to do business with the team at Advanced Office! As your Ricoh dealer in Southern California, we can provide your company with smart solutions and superior service. Contact us to learn more today!