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“I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate the outstanding work and customer service that your team is delivering to our clients…You have put together a great team that makes customers feel respected and valued. We sincerely thank you for that.”  

Ramin I.
Information Systems Department

“I called the office and the repairman was here by 10:30. He fixed it right away and was on his way. That was really good service and I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated it. This quick service is allowing me to complete my job on time. Thanks again to all of the staff.” 

Alice B.

“The response and service was excellent. Kudos to your company and representative.”

Joe N.
Loma Linda

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the Ricoh machine itself, the sale, the maintenance service, and this type of tech support from Advanced Office... Why would I go anywhere else?” 

James W.

“Advanced has taken a whole lot better care of us than our previous office solutions provider. Our old system broke down a lot and the networking solution was very specific and inflexible. Advanced is very versatile and adaptable to our business.”

Antonio S.
System Administrator/Team Lead

“Your driver / copier installer did a great job. You might want to tell his supervisor he is very professional, helpful, product knowledgeable, and a very positive attitude about our company.  Everyone has been easy to work with.”

Michael Z.

"With our old document management company, we had techs out almost every other week; there always something wrong and it was getting too crazy. We reach Advanced easily and they’re so responsive.”

Antonio S.
System Administrator/Team Lead

“Our business depends on copy equipment to be running full time and any down time is a potential loss of thousands of dollars.  Your team has been there consistently when needed to avoid any potential losses.  Again thank you.”

Robert B.
Chief Operating Officer

“As you recall, I hesitated to spend the extra money on this model since I thought the scanning feature would not be very useful for me.  You insisted that it would be a great feature for the business I am in, and boy do I thank you for that!  Not only has it been very useful, but essential for my everyday work.  Overall it has been a great machine and the service I have gotten from your company has been outstanding.  I would highly recommend you and Advanced Office to anyone being confident that they will be well taken care of.”

Manuel A.

“Advanced Office has always worked hard on their end to adapt to our unique print, scan and copy needs. The service has always been tremendous, and that’s why we stay with them. We have 60 or 70 machines and there aren’t many problems, but with that many, something goes down from time to time. You can buy machines anywhere but the service has kept us with Advanced Office.” 

Chuck M.
Director of Purchasing