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Manage Your Carbon Footprint

These days, many Southern California companies are seeking greater awareness of the effect they have on the environment. They want to boost their productivity and bottom lines, of course, but they also want to lower the waste that their processes create.

At Advanced Office, we have been recognized by Ricoh as an Eco Excellence program, where we support our client's efforts to reduce their environmental impact. Our copiers and document solutions make it easy for you to reduce both your operating costs and your carbon footprint.

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Every remanufactured cartridge saves nearly 2 pounds of plastic and metal waste, and nearly a gallon of oil needed to produce a single new cartridge.

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Our Green Initiative


Our manufacturing partners provide cartridge recycling options, free of charge.


Partnering with PrintReleaf™ will allow you to have trees planted on your behalf in direct correlation to your monthly paper consumption.

Managed Print Services

Streamline printing practices by implementing singular fleet management and efficiency, eliminating unnecessary waste and cost.

Auto Toner

Reduce toner waste in landfills by utilizing the “just in time” automatic toner shipments through Auto Toner Replenishment.

Document Management

Utilize one of our many software partners to implement a document management program for your clients. Eliminate physical document storage and easily share e-docs among employees

Output Management

Implement one of our output Management solutions to regulate how copies are used on the network. Direct jobs to more efficient devices and control energy and supply consummation.

Make an Impact and Offset your Paper Footprint 

PrintRelief uses patent-pending technology to track paper consumption and calculate the number of trees harvested. Using this data, PrintRelief guarantees to certifiably reforest the number of trees used by each client. 

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