Reduce Environmental Impact

Reduce Environmental Impact

Manage Your Carbon Footprint

These days, many Southern California companies are seeking greater awareness of the effect they have on the environment. They want to boost their productivity and bottom lines, of course, but they also want to lower the waste that their processes create.

At Advanced Office, we have been recognized by Ricoh as an Eco Excellence program, where we support our client's efforts to reduce their environmental impact. Our copiers and document solutions make it easy for you to reduce both your operating costs and your carbon footprint.

How Advanced Office Reduces Your Environmental Impact

Advanced Office’s solutions for reducing your environmental impact include:


Our selection of new and used copiers and multifunction printers allow you to cut down on wasteful practices effortlessly:

  • Our laser printers have significantly low energy requirements and waste-reducing features like auto-duplexing.
  • Our multifunction copiers in San Diego and throughout Southern California can perform the functions of several devices, eliminating your need for multiple pieces of equipment and supplies.
  • Our digital duplicators give you high volumes of prints at minimal cost and low waste.

Managed Print Services

By streamlining your printing practices, our Managed Print Services help you lower the waste that these practices generate.

Output Management

Our Output Management solutions give you the ability to regulate how copiers and printers are used on your network. You can direct jobs to the most efficient devices, which enables you to control energy and supply usage better.

Document Management

Go Paperless or Paper-light and store all of your documents electronically with document scanning. Search, retrieve, view, edit, and file, all without printing.

Other Business Challenges

Advanced Office’s solutions can help you overcome a variety of other business challenges. For more information, click the links below:

Control Costs

Optimize Fleet

Secure Data

Streamline Processes

To discuss how we can help reduce your environmental impact,