Stunning Visuals for Your Presentations

When you need to present ideas or messages to an audience, you want them to sink in. You want what you say and show to stick in the minds of your viewers. This becomes especially important if you want your audience to take action after you’ve finished a presentation.

Advanced Office has the hardware to help you make the right impression on viewers. Our stock of top-notch digital projectors enables you to present images and information more vividly and persuasively. You’ll get stunning images whether you’re in a conference room or an auditorium.

Features of Advanced Office’s Projectors

Advanced Office’s digital projectors give you:

  • Exceptionally high contrast ratios for bright, finely detailed images
  • Superior video processing support for clearer moving images
  • Options for changing lenses to project over longer or shorter distances
  • Widescreen HD formats
  • Connection options for PCs, laptops and many other devices
  • Options for connecting to multiple projectors simultaneously
  • Modes for adjusting brightness to conserve energy and extend lamp life

Additional Office Products

Advanced Office has several other products to help you get more work done. You’ll be able to print, copy, scan and distribute a wide variety of documents much faster. Click the links below to learn more:

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Advanced Office’s Document Solutions

We also offer Document Solutions that fine-tune your processes and ensure that you get the most from your devices in Orange County, San Diego and beyond. You’ll improve your information’s security, streamline your workflows and more. See the following pages for details:

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To ask us how digital projectors can improve your presentations,