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For many years "copiers" were known to do one thing; copy. The digital age has changed the way we do business, and Los Angeles companies now need copiers that have the capability of doing more than just duplicating documents. In today's business environment you have 2 options:

  1. Have multiple devices spread across your office for every purpose.
  2. Have one centralized device that can do it all. 

Consolidating all of these devices into single multifunction copiers can lower your print cost, reduce office clutter, and allow for easier budgeting. Advanced Office supplies multifunction copiers Los Angeles businesses can rely on to improve their day to day operations. Our selection of Ricoh equipment will also allow you the flexibility of document scanning and routing to your network, computer, mobile device, or to the cloud. 

Laser Printers 

Go Advanced in Los Angeles with Advanced Office's superior laser printers, technology solutions, and services. From our wide selection of Ricoh laser printers to our managed document scanning solutions, we're ready to solve your business challenges. Our laser printers offer Los Angeles businesses the ability to produce documents in less time with less waste. We offer a wide variety of B&W as well as color laser printers that are network ready. Advanced Office's laser printers in Los Angeles have:

  • Energy-Efficient Designs
  • High Print Speeds
  • Superior DPI Resolution

Laser printers aren't the only thing we supply Los Angeles with. We carry a wide range of equipment that includes multifunction printers, production equipment, whiteboards, and projectors. Additionally, our Los Angeles based technicians are highly trained and certified to provide your business with top-notch service from an experienced team. We carry parts on hand for all of our laser printers and equipment to ensure you're not waiting longer than necessary.  We service the greater Los Angeles area with laser printers and office solutions that go well beyond just standard equipment.  Advanced Office also provides document management systems and document scanning solutions to automate the process of storing and retrieving documents in a way that protects your vital data. Go Advanced at Advanced Office! 

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