The Information Lifecycle

Capturing and Creating Information

On any given day, you may receive a wide range of documents or content from a wide variety of sources. You may also need to create or record information as part of your standard operations.

Advanced Office has solutions for the input that your business needs to handle on a daily basis. We can help you capture and create content with maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Solutions for Document Input

Advanced Office’s solutions for document input include:

Multifunction Systems

Our multifunction systems enable you to scan documents to different digital formats. From there, you can fax them, email them or store them on your network quickly.

Digital Whiteboards

Enhance your presentations, meetings and brainstorming sessions with our digital whiteboards. You can:

  • Take advantage of stunning visuals
  • Receive input from PCs and tablets
  • Create and save content by hand or with an electronic pen


Advanced Office’s standalone scanners allow you to capture your physical documents and retain important details.

Scanning Solutions

In addition to our hardware, we offer Smart Scanning solutions to help you automate your document and data input from various sources, reducing processing errors and increasing speed.

Other Stages of the Information Lifecycle

To learn about Advanced Office’s solutions for other stages of the information lifecycle, go to the following pages:





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