Document Management and Technology Solutions for Government

City, state and federal government agencies face tremendous challenges with regards to information. On any given day, they may need to handle a variety of documents, including:

  • Tax Information
  • Court Records
  • Property Records

All of these documents need to stay organized and secure in order for government workers to do their jobs. Needless to say, doing so can require a lot of time and money.

Advanced Office’s document scanning and document management systems make it easier for agencies to perform their essential functions. We can help government employees lower operating expenses with the right copiers and scanners while optimizing their ability to manage information.

Advanced Office’s Solutions for Government

Advanced Office has a variety of equipment to help government workers do their jobs:

  • Our multifunction copiers make it almost effortless to print, scan, store and distribute documents.
  • Our production printers give users the ability to print high volumes of pamphlets, filers and other professional-level documents.
  • Our projectors enhance presentations with millions of colors and stunning HD.

We also offer Document Solutions that allow agencies to streamline their operations and reduce costs and waste:

Other Industry Solutions

Advanced Office’s solutions can meet the demands of other industries as well. To find out more, check out the following pages



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