Control Costs

Control Costs on copiers and laser printers

Manage Your Budget Better

You may have heard the expression, “Throw more money out the window than they take in at the door.” It’s a wittier way of saying that you’re spending more money than you make.

The saying may be funny, but the situation it describes isn’t. You simply can’t stay in business—let alone grow and thrive—if your operating expenses eat up whatever revenue you bring in. Your success depends on maximizing productivity and minimizing costs.

Advanced Office’s copiers San Diego, Orange County, Irvine and Rancho Cucamonga organizations use as well as all our other office products, and document management systems help you do both. We have the resources and knowledge needed to help you control costs effectively.

How Advanced Office Helps You Control Print Costs

Advanced Office’s solutions for controlling your operating costs include:


We stock a diverse assortment of energy-efficient, cost-effective new and used copiers, as well as other laser printers Irvine and Southern California businesses depend on. Our digital duplicators, for example, deliver large quantities of prints at a fraction of a cent per page.

Our Multifunction printers and copiers allow you to combine several decentralized devices into one efficient system that is faster and less expensive to operate.

Also, most of our copiers are Energy Star-certified, which indicates their superior productivity and low power requirements. They’ll allow you to save energy and supplies as well as the expenses that go with them.

Managed Print Services

With Advanced Office’s Managed Print Services, you’ll gain a greater understanding of your office’s printing practices. We’ll help you cut down on wasteful usage, lessening the burden on your budget, as well as your IT staff.

Output Management

We also offer Output Management solutions that let you set quotas on printing by individual users or groups.

Document Management & Workflows

Our document management and document scanning solutions enable you to process, store, retrieve, and share information more efficiently. By getting tasks done faster, you’ll be able to accomplish more and raise your bottom line.

Other Business Challenges

Advanced Office can do much more than simply help you control costs. Click the links below to learn about other business challenges that our solutions will help you overcome:

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