Certified Pre-Owned

That look and perform like new

Advanced Office is proud to offer Certified Pre-owned devices

Every one of these units has come to us with less than 90 days-worth of manufacturer's suggested usage on them and are specifically selected by our highly qualified team before going through a rigorous recertification process in our facilities.  We guarantee that every one of these devices will look and perform like new, and our industry leading service teams and organization stand behind that guarantee.

What Does a 54 Point Inspection Look Like?

As much as 50% off your current lease spend

By selecting a Certified Pre-Owned device for your organization, you can expect to take advantage of some incredible savings opportunities (as much as 50% off your current lease spend) without having to sacrifice performance or reliability.  And as with all of our equipment, you will continue to receive the backing and support of our exceptional service team to make sure you’re completely satisfied with your device.  Don't concern yourself about delays due to inventory availability.  We have stock ready to deliver now!

We list below some of the many steps our teams take to ensure you are getting an exception production you can trust:

  • Restore factory settings to default
  • Refresh the fuser unit to manufacturer specifications
  • Cleaning and calibration on the feeders, stapler and punch assembly
  • Replace feed and separation units
  • Clean and test clutch and motors
  • Refresh the photo imaging units
  • Clean and certify the optical components
  • Replace depleted consumables
  • Validate and update device software
  • Clean hard drive and removed of any data stored
  • Inspect and refresh exterior components to manufacturer standards for new equipment
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