Digitize, Manage, and Automate

Digitize, Manage, and Automate with Workflow Solutions

See how products such as DocuWare can improve your business process.

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Digitize your organization's documents

Remove Paper
  • Save cost on paper consumption, printing, and file storage
Easily share digitized files
  • Properly credentialed employees can access files from anywhere with internet access
With our business solutions, you can easily

Manage your documents

Intelligently Index Everything

E-mail, PDF, Office documents, Scanned documents, Mobil image capture, eForms, Print Streams

Intelligent Search

Easily search for, and retrieve content based on the file name or document contents

Secure Documents

Limit who can access which documents based on user profile or document designation

Mobile Access

Utilize mobile devices for capture and access

Meet Regulatory Compliance

With our business solutions, you can easily meet regulatory compliance

Integrate Your Apps

Integrate with your businesses CRM, ERP, and other apps

Workflow Automation

  • Turn business rules into real action
  • Document reviews and approvals
  • Configure workflow for adaptive environments
  • Resolve process bottlenecks and improve efficiency
  • Optimize staff
  • Improve customer support