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Different industries have very different needs when it comes to documents and information. At Advanced Office, we pride ourselves on successfully providing solutions for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Check out the following pages to learn how our copiers, office products, and document services can benefit specific industries.

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The better you understand advances and trends in office technology, the more your business can benefit. Keeping up to speed on copiers and services enables you to keep your workplace operating at its best.

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Document Management and Technology Solutions for Government

City, state and federal government agencies face tremendous challenges with regards to information. On any given day, they may need to handle a variety of documents, including:


Making Educators More Productive and Effective

The very concept of education depends on good communication. Teachers need the ability to effectively convey information to their students and peers.

At the same time, schools and organizations involved in education need to manage a considerable amount of information. For example, these institutions may need to keep records on past and present students for several years. As more and more records build up, they can create storage and budgetary issues.


Helping Law Firms Handle Information Better

Law firms and other businesses connected with the legal profession need to handle many kinds of documents on a daily basis. Among these could be:


Helping Healthcare Organizations with Their Information Needs

For hospitals and other businesses involved in healthcare, managing information effectively is a serious issue. This can include:


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