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How To Avoid a Security Breach

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One of the most threatening aspects of owning a business is the danger of a security breach. Security breaches are a threat to companies of every shape and size, if you follow the news, you have most likely seen dozens of high profile businesses and organizations become victim to cybercrime. Security breaches target your business’ and customers’ sensitive information, and they can do significant damage to businesses of all kinds.

Transform Your Workflows With a Ricoh Multifunction System

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If your office has been plagued with equipment downtime and devices that can't keep up with demand, it's time to contact your Ricoh dealer. If you're tired of wasting time and money due to inadequate and outdated equipment, a demonstration of the latest in innovative multifunction technologies may be a real eye-opener. Here's what you can expect:

4 Considerations When Choosing a Multifunction System

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If you've been searching for a printer or copier for your office, you've got a lot of options. Today, most professional office multifunction printers offer copy, print, scan, and fax features, plus a host of other capabilities.

Here are four considerations when choosing a system for your office.

Securing Your MFP or Network Printer – Step 2: Authorization

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After enabling Authentication on your MFP or Network Printer as discussed in the last article, the next step in setting up comprehensive security  is enacting User-Based Access Control or Authorization.  First we tell the copier who the user is with Authentication, then we control what the user can do with Authorization.

MFP and Printer Security Series Overview

Multifunction Printer Security

How secure is your MFP or Printer?

This is one of those cases where what you don’t know, can indeed hurt you.  The topic of security of output peripherals like multi-function printers (we’ll call them MFP’s), networked copiers, or even single function network printers and fax machines has been slowly getting more attention over the last few years.  Unfortunately, it is still largely ignored or put on the back burner due to lack of information and, understandably, the importance of other cyber threats facing organizations.


Superior Supplies for Your Copiers & Multifunction Printers

At Advanced Office, we want to help our clients become as efficient as possible. Of course, they can’t achieve this when they need to waste time buying products from different vendors.

Document Scanners

Take Your Documents Digital

Advances in technology have created exciting ways for businesses to improve their document scanning processes. Thanks to the advent of the internet and cloud technology, you can save your information electronically, making it more secure and easier to retrieve.

Advance Office has hardware to help move your office to new levels of document scanning productivity. Our stock of scanners gives you the ability to capture your paper documents and create a variety of digital files. You’ll be able to:

Multifunction Printers

Maximize Office Productivity with Multifunction Printers in San Diego and Los Angeles

Many companies in Los Angeles, San Diego and beyond are looking for ways to get work done faster and have found multifunction printers to be the answer. To not only maintain but increase your competitive edge, you need to cut down the time it takes to complete various tasks. Having one device that serves multiple functions will certainly help. 


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