The Information Lifecycle

Fast, Convenient Access to Your Info

How you store and organize your information can have an enormous impact on your business. You need the ability to retrieve your records or data whenever the need arises.

Advanced Office has numerous solutions for storing your documents. We can help you keep your information organized and readily available when you need it.

Solutions for Document Storage

Our document storage solutions include:

Scanners and Other Products

We offer a selection of scanners that enable you to capture your paper files and convert them to various digital formats. You’ll be able to accurately scan hundreds of pages in a matter of minutes.

Scanning Solutions

Advanced Office also offers Scanning Solutions. They allow you to extract data from your scanned documents quickly and eliminate processing errors.

Document Management & Workflows

In addition to our Scanning Solutions, we have Document Management and Workflows solutions. These products integrate easily with our available multifunction systems as well as with different operating systems. You can archive and access your records with outstanding flexibility and reliability.

Other Stages of the Information Lifecycle

Advanced Office’s products and services can benefit your company at every other stage of the information lifecycle. To learn more, click on the links below:





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