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Things to Consider about Leasing Office Equipment

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If you are considering leasing office equipment like copiers or laser printers, there are a few positive things to keep in mind that may change the way you look at leasing versus buying equipment out-right up front.

Let’s first look into the important factors that pertain to office equipment leasing, and then we’ll cover the positive things you can expect from leased printers and copiers.

Finding the Best Document Management Solution

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Most businesses and organizations operate with countless moving parts to accomplish specific goals and tasks. Each piece of your company depends on another to pull their weight and keep your workflows moving at the desired pace. With that in mind, the solutions chosen within office processes play a massive role in our business’ ability to work efficiently.

What to Do with an Out-of-Date Copier

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If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance that your multifunction copier has seen better days and you are contemplating moving on to a newer, more efficient device. When removing your current copier, you might think that all you need to do is call your copier service provider and safely get it out of your hands. While a vendor is likely to help you remove your device, your business information and data is at risk if you do not take critical steps to protect your device.

9th Annual Holiday Food Drive Wrap Up

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                The Advanced Office 9th Annual Holiday Food Drive has officially come to an end. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all our employees and customers who participated and helped once again this holiday season. With everyone’s collaboration, we were able to collect around 2,058 pounds of food for families in need across Southern California.

How PrintSmart Managed Print Services Benefits Your Business


As you consider the solution providers that could benefit your business’ print process, you want to find a provider who will work with you, not one you have to work around. With PrintSmart Managed Print Services from Advanced Office, your business will receive premier service to meet your various print needs.

Whether you are a small, starting business with one device or an experienced, industry leader, our managed print services (MPS) is flexible to develop solutions for the needs of your company. Here is how:

Move Update: Construction Continues On

  Construction on our new headquarters began back in October, and everyone has been getting ready for the big move. Like with all projects, there are always bumps in the road to expect. When we first announced our plans, we expected a completed move date of January 1st, 2019. While we are still working hard to prepare to leave our current space, like the huge scanning project we undertook, we are looking more so at a grand opening date in March.

Protecting Your Print Environment From Hackers

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The modern print environment is an entire system of devices and networks that help you share documents in and outside of your office. Since this system is so intertwined with different devices and networks, it is a bank of information that is prone to hackers.

Whether you find you find yourself today owning or managing the largest company in the world or the smallest, we are here to remind you how precious your data and information is and help you lock down your print environment, so it is secure from hackers.

Tax Implications of Section 179 on Your Office Equipment Purchases

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The Section 179 deduction may be a complete mystery to you and may seem like a complicated tax code, but here’s the reality- it’s not complicated, and we’re about to demystify it for you.

Let’s take a closer look!

What is Section 179?

The U.S. government established Section 179 as an incentive for businesses to buy equipment and consequently invest in themselves.