Take Your Documents Digital

Advances in technology have created exciting ways for businesses to improve how they operate. Thanks to the advent of the internet and cloud technology, you can save your information electronically, making it more secure and easier to retrieve.

Advance Office has hardware to help move your office to new levels of productivity. Our stock of scanners gives you the ability to capture your paper documents and create a variety of digital files. You’ll be able to:

  • Distribute information faster
  • Reduce risks of having important records lost, stolen or otherwise mishandled
  • Cut down your operating costs
  • Increase your office’s efficiency

Features of Advanced Office’s Scanners

Advanced Office’s scanners come with such beneficial features as:

  • Ability to scan hundreds of pages in minutes
  • Options for routing files to email, network folders and other locations
  • Duplex scanning for greater efficiency
  • Ability to convert to common formats like PDF and JPEG
  • Low-energy, eco-conscious design
  • High optical resolution for greater optical character recognition (OCR) accuracy
  • User-friendly controls

Advance Office’s Document Solutions

Your work isn’t done after you’ve scanned a document. That’s one reason Advanced Office offers a suite of Document Solutions. We can help fine-tune your document scanning processes and ensure that you can manage your documents effectively. To find out more, check out the following pages:  

Output Management

Document Management & Workflows

Managed Print Services

Document Scanning

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