Making Educators More Productive and Effective

The very concept of education depends on good communication. Teachers need the ability to effectively convey information to their students and peers.

At the same time, schools and organizations involved in education need to manage a considerable amount of information. For example, these institutions may need to keep records on past and present students for several years. As more and more records build up, they can create storage and budgetary issues.

Also, the risk of damaging or losing important information increases with physical documents. This can lead to even greater problems for both students and educators.

Advanced Office has a wide range of solutions for customers involved in education. We can help you reduce your operating costs and keep information protected and easily retrievable. You’ll also be able to communicate with others better.

Advanced Office’s Solutions for Education

Advanced Office’s stock of products enhances educators’ ability to produce, distribute and present information:

  • Our digital duplicators allow you to print high volumes of documents at minimal cost.
  • Our scanners let you capture your paper documents and convert them to digital files.
  • Our multifunction systems enable you to print, scan and send documents from a single device.
  • Our digital whiteboards improve your ability to create content and share ideas.
  • Our projectors give you clear, stunning images for your presentations and lessons.

In addition to our equipment, Advanced Office also offers a suite of Document Solutions to help customers in education work better:

Other Industry Solutions

Advanced Office’s solutions can meet the needs of other industries as well. Go to the following pages for details:



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